Steel Fabrication

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We are home to a sizeable workshop, spanning 1500m2, and machinery, as well as a large lay-down area. Our workshop is equipped with regularly reviewed and up to date SOP’s and a no-tolerance policy to any unsafe practices.

Having said this, we are firm believers that no job is to small and every job brings its own merits. We take pride in treating every job as importantly as the next and have a passion for undertaking even the most obscure projects, whilst still fabricating all of our steel here at Gant and Sons.

We employ and extensive work-force to suit all needs, with sound experience in industrial, commercial and residential steel fabrication, including two apprentices. By regularly employing apprentices, we believe we are able to do our part in not only furthering our trade, but also providing the next generation of the steel industry the best education possible.

These employees are also all available as subcontractors for welding, fabrication and rigging.